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Current Registration Information:
You can find registration information for the latest season by visiting our Registration Information page.

What divisions do you offer?
K-Ball - League age 4-5
T-Ball - League age 6
Machine Pitch - League age 7-8
Kid Pitch - League age 9-10
Intermediate (open bases) - League age 11-13
JR/SR - League age 14-16

What League age is my child?
Please see the current Little League Age Chart to find the division your child is in.

Do you offer a majors program?
Only in the Spring season and only if we have enough interest to do so.  Registration opens in March.  Play begins in April.  

Can I play Majors and another division at the same time?
Yes, in the Spring.

If a player doesn't live or go to school within the ORWALL boundary, can that player still play at ORWALL?
Little League International respectfully requests you stick to the Little League program within your boundary.

Do you offer a payment Plan?
Yes, you will see the options when you register.

Do you offer financial assistance?
Yes, ORWALL does offer installment payments and scholarships for those who need and or require it. For more information, please email the President at [email protected]

How are registration fees used?
ORWALL is a 100 % non-profit volunteer organization.
· Our budget addresses equipment, uniforms, field improvements, field maintenance, utilities, insurance, and administrative expenses.          In addition, ORWALL is committed to providing umpires for all games from age 6 and up.
· The registration fees are reviewed each year by the league Board of Directors and modified to account for expenses.

What is Parent Work day?
Parent work day is designed to have parents come out for a couple of hours and help clean and get the fields ready for the season. If you wish to not participate we add a $40 charge onto your registration. This helps offset the cost to contract this out. The better the shape the park and fields are in, the more fun we all have out there.  There is a sign-in sheet during Parent Work Day.  For those who do not come out and did not pay the $40 opt out fee, there will be a $40 balance added to their account.

Do ORWALL Directors get paid?
· No. Unlike some other Youth Sports Organizations, the Board of Directors for ORWALL is 100% volunteer. No Director receives any financial compensation for their services to the League.  

How are revenues generated?
· In addition to registration fees, ORWALL actively pursues donations from Corporations, local businesses and private sources. As an active non-profit organization, ORWALL also requires all our Spring teams to seek and obtain a team sponsor.  The ORWALL Board of Directors actively sponsors Opening Day fundraising activities (silent auction, arts & crafts sales, t-shirt sales, etc.
· In the Spring,  the main fundraiser is raffle tickets.  Raffle tickets are included in your registration fees.  Each player will receive 5 raffle tickets. The tickets can be utilized by the players family or sold to family and friends.  Prize change from years to year but the main prize is a voucher for a new car from one of our car dealership sponsors. Other prizes have included, travel vouchers, airline vouchers, Ipads, Apple watches, Play Station 4, X-Box, etc. 

How often are there games?
Normally games are played twice a week. Once during the week and once on Saturdays. The schedule is subject to change once released due to weather.  Often during a season you may have 2 games during the week with one game on a Saturday to make up for rained out games and such.

How often and where will my kid practice?
Both these questions are up to each individual manager. Generally a team will practice twice a week, but then again, it is up to each manager. If you would like to make the decision on where and how much you practice, please sign up to become a manager, you will appreciate the flexibility the position offers.

Why do we have to find other fields to practice at?

We simply do not have the field space for every team to practice at ORWALL; and play our full slate of games every night. Right now we have 4 backstops set up on the practice field. We ask that no live batting be done here. We ask you to find a batting cage on a field during a game and use it for batting practice. 

Will my child make a team?
Yes, all kids will make a team.

Why are there Skill assessments or Try Outs?  
ORWALL wants to make all teams competitive and to put kids with the kids in their same skill level.  It also insures a level playing field for teams to compete against each other.  Every player will get drafted individually (unless they are siblings) ages 7 and up.  

Whats the difference between Premier and Elite?
Premier is for those players with more experience and have a higher skill set. Elite is for players who may have never played organized baseball or who require a more developmental approach to the game. We choose to split divisions in an effort to make playing at ORWALL more fun for everyone. We certainly don't want a young new player to be discouraged because his knowledge of the game or skills are not as refined as some of the seasoned players.  However, while we feel this is a suitable method to mitigate talent disparity, it is not "perfect" due to the subjective nature of individual managers and the relative performance of the players during the assessments. 

The Elite program is Little League.  It's program that allows school children to play each other, to play their neighbors, friends, and family members.  We work really hard to keep the Premier Division very small, so we can pull up the kids who would take 90% of the pitching/Catching/Infield time from the everyday school kid.  It allows more kids to have more fun playing all positions.

My kid did not make Premier, why is that?

The managers and coaches are not professional scouts. They assess players during the skills assessment and use their knowledge of how players have performed in the past if they are a returning manager.  Mechanics and athleticism obviously pair well when rating a player, even if the player did not field all the balls cleanly or hit every ball during the tryouts.  Maturity based on the behavior of the players during the tryout session can also have an impact, particularly when several players' skill sets are ranked identically. We have over 1000 kids trying out with some divisions well over 200.  Sometimes, great players have a poor tryout; or, up-and-coming players perform above average.  The Premier draft is not always indicative of the top 48 kids in each division, that is for certain.

My player played Premier last season, but was drafted to an Elite team this year.  Why?
There are no guarantees of being selected to a Premier team for the reasons stated above.

What is the ORWALL Refund Policy?

Once a player has completed his or her skills assessment, there are no refunds.  For special case-by-case concerns regarding injury or illness prior to the beginning of the season, please contact your Division Director.  Registration fees are non-transferable.

What do we need for the season?
Every kid will need the basics. A Little League approved bat (see our bat chart or Little League website), glove, athletic supporter (males), protective cup (males), and approved cleats (see ORWALL regulations regarding artificial surfaces). Every kid will get a uniform to include: hat, jersey, and a belt.  Baseball pants will be at the discretion of the team manager regarding color/style and must be purchased separately.  You will need a glove, cleats and a batting helmet as well.  

Will we have fun at ORWALL?

ORWALL'S middle name is FUN.  Unlike other youth baseball programs in the area, ORWALL teams aren't "chasing rings" every weekend in tournaments-style play.  The main focus of the ORWALL program is to develop a healthy appreciation for the game of baseball in a developmental forum while competing honorably.  Every player will play offensively and defensively every single game, learning both baseball skills and life lessons along the way.  We ARE the Neighborhood Ballpark.  This is your community baseball organization.  This is where kids come together to play their friends, neighbors, schoolmates.  This is where YOU come to gather with your neighbors, coworkers, family and friends.  This is life at it's best.  You and your child will certainly have fun!

Am I allowed to bring in outside food and drink?

Outside food and drinks are not permitted.  We ask all parents and families to purchase from the concession stand as this helps offset cost that we incur on an annual basis. If you are bringing team snacks and drinks for the end of game snacks, that is fine.

How do I become a manager and or coach?

Please email your division director. You can find their email HERE.

How do I secure a player as a "Coach Lock" in the draft?
ORWALL does not recognize nor does it honor the freezing of players in drafted divisions outside of those players identified in the Little League Rule Book, options regarding sons, daughters, and siblings for managers.  In short, there are no assistant "Coach Locks" identified nor afforded during divisional drafts.  For additional information, please contact your respective division director.

Why do we play games at 7:45 and 8:15 PM during the week?
We need to do this because of limited field space. We do our best to limit the number of late games each team has during the season. We know it can be difficult on the parents and the kids. If you wish to not play the late games, please let your manager know so they can adjust there lineup for that game.  Basically there are way more teams than we have fields.  We have two options.  Cap the number of teams (which would basically cut enrollment in HALF) during Registration, or sprinkle in Late games as minimum as we can.  We want every kid that wants to play baseball here at Orwall to have a chance to play.  Late Games = all kids playing ball, no kids turned away.  We appreciate your tolerance.

What is and how long is the EOS?
The EOS is the End of Season Tournament. In the fall it is normally single elimination and in the spring it is normally double elimination.  If the weather has the season backed up, adjustments may be made to the EOS schedule.  

How can I be part of ORWALL?

We do not get this question enough. If you would like to get involved in ORWALL please send an email to [email protected]

Why do you use the Spring league age in the fall?
The fall is a prep season for the upcoming spring season. There are a lot of kids who are going into a different division.

The fall season is used to teach and prep the kids for the following spring.  We want kids to be prepared for the upcoming official Spring season.  Please remember, ALL kids are playing up.  Your child will not be playing  with much older kids as they move up.  Your child will be playing with kids their own age as the older kids move up as well according to the League Age Chart.

Where is the Board Room?
The Board room is located upstairs from the main concession stand on the South side of the park. Please go behind the main concession stand, open the door and walk up the stairs.

My question is not here, why is that?
Please email [email protected] Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


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