Volunteers are a vital part to the ORWALL organization.  We have may ways for parents to get involved and encourage parents to take an active role in the organization. Click here for more volunteer information.

Does my child need private lessons?

While volunteer managers and coaches do their very best at instructing players, it is important for players and parents to realize the more repetitions a player gets, the better they become.  It is important for players to practice outside of team scheduled practices so players get more experience.  This can be accomplished with parents working with their own children or finding private lessons.  For some, the expense of private lessons is too great a burden while for others, this is a good option where time is an issue for parents.  If you decide to go the private lessons route, speak to other parents with players in the same age group about the instructors they use.  There are many different instructors in the area that work on specific skills such as pitching, hitting, fielding or even position specific such as catching.  Don't get caught up in an instructors experience as an MLB player.  They might have been great players, but don't posses the ability to effectively communicate and motivate young players.  Others, will have no MLB experience and yet, are extremely effective at communicating and motivating young players.  This is why it is important when choosing an instructor, to speak to other parents and watch an instructor teach specific skill to make an educated decision.

Should you decide to work with your child, the links tab on this page is a great resource. Do you as a parent need to understand everything about baseball to provide instruction to your child? No. But there are a few fundamental aspects of throwing, hitting, fielding etc. that you must know to instruct them properly.  "As a young player I was always told to keep my back elbow up when hitting.  When I started coaching my own kids, I realized during the swing the elbow ends up next to your side when swinging.  Therefore, I always taught my boys, start where you are comfortable." - Brooke Stephenson.  There are millions of youtube videos on the internet demonstrating baseball skills.  These must be evaluated just as using an instructor because there are bad videos out there as well.

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