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ORWALL, picture make up day is this Saturday, October 29th.  William and Mary will start taking pictures at 8AM until 12PM (noon).  Pictures will be taken on the pracitce field, the same location as opening day pictures. 

Renting Fields

If you would like to rent fields for your team to practice on please Click here to see what HAS BEEN RENTED. This is updated as of 10-21-2016 0730

Once you know your dates please email christopher.soucy@yahoo.com

The cost is $25 per hour without lights and $55 per hour with lights. We use the Sundown time as to know if lights are needed or not.

If there is a rain out and games are rescheduled for a field you have reserved, the game come first. You will either be credited or refunded for your time. We will do all we can to communicate the changes with you, so you and your team do not come to ORWALL for nothing.

The Junior Field and field 7 will not be used this fall. They are both going under early renovation for the upcoming spring season. The practice fields (old Football) have lights and can be rented.

Field 5 will be available on Fridays only

Field 6 will be available on Mondays and Fridays

Field 7 will NOT be available

Field 8 will be available on Fridays (slot already taken from 6:00 to 7:30)

Field 9 will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays

Field 10 will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays’ Wednesday's Thursdays except 10-6-16 and Fridays

Major Field-No availability

Minor Field- No availability

Practice field 1- Every night is available (Only charge is lights needed)

Practice Field 2- Every night is available (Only charge is lights needed)

Field Renovations Delayed

Unfortunatley the field renovations have had to be postponed, half way through the process, due to heavy rains the last 3 weeks. Please be patient as our intensions were to have this done by the start of the 2016 fall baseball season, however, mother nature decided differently. Please click on FIELD RENOVATIONS DELAYED in the heading for more information.

Volunteer Application turn in and badging

If you are a manager or coahc that has not turned in a volunteer application for the fall 2016 season, please complete the form and bring a copy of your drivers license and turn into Daniel Cantu on the dates below.

Wednesday 9/21/2016 – 5:30-6:45pm – Board Room

Saturday 9/24/2016 - 9-12pm – Board Room

Sunday 9/25/2016 – 1-4pm – Board Room

Click here for 2016 Volunteer Application

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Fall 2016 Important Dates

 Click the header for important dates for the Fall 2016 Season

Badge Process & Dates

Attention Managers and Parents:

ORWALL changed the screening policy last season to ensure volunteer screenings are complete prior to tryouts this coming fall. Click the heading for more information


Here is the 2017 Little League Age Chart        

For the fall season we use the age chart for the following spring. So for the fall of 2016, we use the age chart for the spring of 2017.


2016 Age Chart

Park-N-Ride Parking Lot

Park-N-Ride parking lot open to ORWALL families as of April 2, 2016!

ORWALL, in partnership with The Woodlands Township, is excited to offer the use of the Park-N-Ride parking lot to ORWALL families beginning April 2, 2016.  This was a joint effort between ORWALL and The Woodlands Township to provide better parking to the north side of the ORWALL Sports Complex and eliminate parking along the drainage easement and medians on S. Park and Westbridge Dr. With this parking extension, please discontinue to park on the drainage easement and medians on S Park and Westbridge Drive.  Parking will be permitted during the week as well as on Saturdays.  The gates will be locked nightly, 30 minutes after the final ORWALL game has concluded.    This is undoubtedly a great benefit to ORWALL players’ families!

Special thanks to Kevin Baker and Jeff Sharp for getting things rolling on this endeavor. Also, Richard Judge and Dan Brauweiler for their diligence in reviewing the contract and providing feedback

7:45 pm
Field 8
5:45 pm
Field 5
8:15 pm
Minor Field
6:00 pm
Minor Field
8:15 pm
Senior Field
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